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2014 OzAsia Festival returns to Adelaide this September

In its ninth year the OzAsia Festival program is returning to the Adelaide Festival Centre from 3 September to 20 September.

Boosts our understanding of Asian culture… OzAsia Festival

The festival aims to celebrate Adelaide’s sister state, Shandong Province, China.

Through theatre, dance, music both contemporary and traditional, film, percussion, food and calligraphy, audiences are guaranteed to be engaged by the rich history and culture of the Shandong Province.

Other cultures also feature in the program, including Japan, India, Korea, Philippines, Cambodia, Palestine, Bangladesh, Russia, Indonesia, Mongolia and of course Australia.

Largest Asian cultural event in Australia… OzAsia

Proudly supported by the Government of South Australia and by the major festival partner Santos, the culturally diverse OzAsia Festival acts as the largest and pre-eminent cultural event in Australia that present works from the Asia Region.

The event hosts 21 performances and 36 events, featuring over 250 artists and presenters from across the globe.

Workshops, forums, lectures and exhibitions are also included in the spectacular program.

Furthermore, the festival will boast 6 world premieres, 7 Australian premieres, 8 South Australian premieres and 26 Adelaide exclusives.

These range from acclaimed Shandong Acrobatic Troupe to Beijing’s famed minimalistic dance troupe, TAO Dance Theatre.

Not to be missed this year is Red Sorghum, a dance drama adapted from the novel of the same name by Shandong’s Nobel Prize-winning author Mo Yan.

Dragon kite... OzAsia's hero image
Dragon kite… OzAsia’s hero image

The production will take place on the festival’s opening night, 3 September at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

Minister for the Arts Jack Snelling says, “OzAsia is helping our understanding of Asian culture, traditions and language and connecting local Australian Asian communities who have historically not taken part in cultural activities in Adelaide.”

At this year’s festival the hero image is the dragon kite – Chinese dragons being legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore.

Like the dragon the Festival holds virtues of power, strength, energy and good fortune.

Adelaide Festival Centre CEO and Artistic Director, Douglas Gautier says, “OzAsia Festival is a vital ingredient in aiding cultural understanding and promoting a harmonious community.”

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