Artisan Wine Storage launches in Sydney

Methuselah’s Cellar...Artisan Wine Storage
Methuselah’s Cellar, Artisan Wine Storage

The new $2 million 12°C wine storage and tasting lounge Artisan Wine Storage launched in Sydney this past week.

The Artisan Wine Storage gives collectors the chance to protect their wine throughout the changing seasons.

When it comes to wine storage, light, humidity and fluctuating temperatures impact a wines longevity with heat prematurely ageing wine and oxidization destroying the wine generally as a result of moisture in the cork.

Artisan Wine Storage has been specially designed to counteract these damaging elements, providing storage that is at a constant 12°C with 55-75 per cent relative humidity, free from UV light and vibration.

Artisan Wine Storage also uses cloud-based wine management technology and has been designed to really encapsulate the perfect wine-centric facility.

Artisan Wine Storage is the first storage facility in Australia designed to exceed the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.

This internationally recognised code of practice certifies good wine storage management in the key areas of temperature, humidity, lights, vibration, insurance, hygiene, inventory management, security and maintenance.

Artisan Wine Storage CEO, Eamonn Egan believes whether you’re a first-time collector or an experienced wine connoisseur, proper wine storage is essential and can enhance his clients’ experience with wine collecting.

The launch of the new $2 million storage facility...Artisan Wine Storage
The  new $2 million storage facility … Artisan Wine Storage

Whether looking for a long-term solution for ageing premium wine or simply requiring temporary storage while moving interstate, Artisan Wine Storage offers wine storage solutions no matter how large or small the collection.

Artisan Wine Storage corporate clients are also able to enjoy a wine tasting lounge and Methuselah’s Cellar.

Methuselah’s Cellar is a stunning space meticulously designed by Eamonn Egan to display museum wines from many renowned wineries including the only public, dual vertical display of Penfolds Grange bottles (1951-2008) and magnums (1979-2008).

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