Australian sparks fly in Macau’s sky

Australia is competing to be one of top three countries at this year’s 26th Macau International Fireworks Display Contest.

The night comes alive… Macau International Fireworks

Already making the top 10 round, Australia is now set to contend against Portugal on Saturday, 27th September.

Representing Australia is Skylighter Fireworks, the distinguished family-owned business behind almost all major events in Australia.

Both countries must light up the sky and Macau Tower before a winner is announced.

The annual spectacle begins on Monday, 8th September and has attracted other top ranked teams from Taiwan, Croatia, China, France, Korea, Poland, Italy and Spain.

The contest runs over three successive Saturday evenings until Wednesday, 1st October.

The highly charged contest is one of Macau’s many major events and festivals on its annual calendar, a list that also includes the 61st Macau Grand Prix street race meeting (13th-16th November).

Dazzling… Macau Tower

Skylighter Fireworks is one of Australia’s premier pyrotechnic display companies, presenting hundreds of pyrotechnic and special effect displays each year.

The company’s credits include New Year’s Eve and Australia Day celebrations for the City of Brisbane at Southbank Parkland, National Fireworks Competition gold medals, and major cultural, corporate and sporting events and festivals throughout Australia.

Owner and founder Max Brunner and his family personally ensure that every event and display produced incorporates “our values of honesty, integrity, creativity, safety and value for money”.

“It will be the first time we will compete at this event and we know it will be a hard challenge against quality opposition,” he said. “But then again anything can happen on the evening.

“We can only do our best and learn and hope we are invited back next year.”

Max is hopeful the trip to Macau will reap benefits for his company and Australia.

For more information contact Macau Government Tourist Office: phone (02) 9264 1488

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