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Ayers Rock Resort’s ‘Tali Wiru’ experience

Gayna Sullivan

Ayers Rock Resort has brought together delightful Australian cuisine and entertainment with the launch of Tali Wiru.

The beauty of fine dining.

Introduced earlier this year, Tali Wiru is a fine dining experience; intimate and astounding.

In groups of twenty, guests will enjoy French Champagne and canapés, as they relax beside a firepit. Afterwards, they’ll head to the dune top and be treated to a Table d’hote four-course dinner, paired with premium Australian wine. Guests can enjoy their meal in groups of two, four or six people and be enchanted by the sounds of the didgeridoo.

“We are genuinely excited about launching this new experience”, says Voyages Executive General Manager Ray Stone.

“Sounds of Silence has been an extraordinary success through the years so it’s great to offer something which builds on that success and caters to a fine dining market.”

The Tali Wiru menu is exceptional, and includes Native Thyme and Garlic Grilled Darling Downs Wagyu Fillet, Wattleseed Rubbed Kangaroo Carpaccio, Macadamia and Lemon Myrtle crusted Barramundi Fillet and Dark Chocolate and Chilli Mousse. Guests will be impressed with a range of wines, including a Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz, Tasmanian Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley Merlot, Hunter Valley Botrytis Riesling and Rutherglen Marsanne.

Following dinner, guests will hear creation stories from a local storyteller as coffee, tea and dessert wine is served. Guests will then be returned to their hotels.

The Tali Wiru season has been extended to the 15th January annually. The experience is available every day except Tuesdays and Thursday. It lasts for about four hours and is priced at $295 per person.

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