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State of Natura Bisse at London’s Baglioni Hotel

Baglioni Hotel, London

Rushing for a bus is one thing, a spa treatment, quite another. The whole idea is to do the opposite, right? In fact, most people arrive early to take advantage of the whole experience – the gym, the dimly lit rooms with loungers for a bit of ‘feet up, nose in gossip pages’ activity of the most sedentary kind, a bit of steam to open up the pores, before the big treatment…Unfortunately, I have a tight hour in my day, in which to lie flat and emerge with a new face; a tall order, but Federica, my facialistis up for the challenge.

The Baglioni Hotel in London is one of a small Italian chain of 5-star hotels with properties around Europe and plans for expansion beyond the Continent. They have an enviable location opposite Kensington Gardens offering many rooms with a view. Just up the street, is Kensington High Street, and less than a mile down the road in the other direction, is Harrod’s and all the shopping therapy Knightsbridge has to offer.

Though my time at the Baglioni spa is admittedly brief, it’s enough to notice staff are warm, welcoming and accommodating. I’m shown a catalog of treatments to choose from – all of them using Natura Bisse products. I’ve experienced this Barcelona-based brand’s miracle work at the Ritz Carlton in Bahrain and can remember standing in front of the mirror thinking I’d just taken a dip in the fountain of youth. The choice today is an easy one – anything with anti-aging powers. It’s the Essential Shock – Intense Line therapy I’m in for, which includes a peel, clearly one of the keys to success with a facial as my previous NB treatment included it, as well.

Baglioni Hotel, London
Natura Bisse… peace reigns at The Baglioni Hotel’s spa.

In the darkened room, surrounded by frangipani and candles, Federica goes to work. Cool, soothing collagen and anti-oxidant creams are applied to my face and left to soak in and do their magic while my temples are rubbed, my feet given a bit of reflexology, and I drift off. Federica uses smoothing and firming serums, and a mask that covers my eyes and lips. It’s thick and gelatinous as it dries, which doesn’t sound as wonderful as it is. An amino-essence cocktail of collagen and amino acids – both essential and non-essential, are said to create a potent combination able to regenerate the skin and recover a youthful look.

An hour later, the lights are left dim as Federica leaves me to slowly come out of the warm, cocoon of the therapy room. I take a good look in the mirror, and instantly spot the refreshed look on my face. To be clear about the authenticity of my glowing review – my Ritz Carlton experience with Natura Bisse was years ago. When Federica asked if I’d ever had a facial before, I said yes, but only one that noticeably worked. I hadn’t remembered it was Natura Bisse til I went back to read my original review. So, once again, I’m left with the same sentiment. I’ve had many a facial – except for one where product landed in my eye, blinding me for an hour, all have been wonderful in their own way. Some have been relaxing, others left my face feeling softer than usual, but Natura Bisse remains the only one that has delivered on the promise of leaving me with fresher, more youthful looking skin. Safe to say, I won’t soon forget it.

Amy Hughes

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