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Boutique hotels gain online visibility

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A report to be released later this month will uncover the most visible boutique and lifestyle hotels online and the most common strategies employed by prospective globe-trotters when it comes to searching for bespoke accommodation.

The Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels Report, due for release on 22 May at this year’s Boutique Hotel Summit in London, will reveal the most popular search terms used online for specialist accommodation in domestic, short haul and long haul destinations.

“Boutique Hotel Summit was launched because we recognised the need for an event catering to this very specific niche in the hospitality industry,” says founder Piers Brown.

“To some extent, the plethora of online marketing channels levels the playing field and allows boutique hotels to compete with the industry’s bigger players”.

Among others, popular generic search terms include ‘boutique cottages’, ‘specialist hotels’ ‘unique hotels’ and ‘small luxury hotels’.

Major cities topped the list with London, New York and Paris as well as the UK’s Lake District and Sao Paolo among the most sought after locations for boutique accommodation.

The report, produced by digital marketing agency Greenlight, analyses brands, retailers and review sites and compares organic search results with paid online ads to reveal more than 50 per cent of the most visible websites rely solely on visibility gained in the paid ad listings on Google.

The report also assesses those players who interact well on social media networks, where hotel brands are noticeable for their absence.

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