Sheraton Grand Incheon, in Songdo, South Korea

Danke Schön Sheraton Grand Incheon, Songdo

I arrive at Seoul’s Incheon airport at dusk after two weeks traversing Tokyo and Okinawa on a business trip. I am mentally and physically exhausted, desperate to enjoy the comforts of a reliable, five-star property after several nights in small, …

Seoul, South Korea

Eat, drink, shop (repeat) - a day full of Seoul

Amy Hughes Seoul is not a one day city, but if that’s all you’ve got, you’ll want to take full advantage. In this large, lively city, no one seems to sleep and everyone …

koreth - Lunchmag

Rub noses in Korea - for free

Interested in travelling to Korea and haven’t had the chance yet?  There is a way to discover the charms of Korea at the new ‘Touch Korea’ online promotion and you could win …

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