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Cocktail in every burger at K West

Bloody Mary Burger, K West, United Kingdom


K West Hotel & Spa has brought the boozie foodie trend to the UK with the creation of its bloody mary burger – the burger of summer 2015.

Lunch K West, United Kingdom
The boozie foodie centre known as K West, beware the Bloody Mary burger.

The bloody mary burger is the latest addition on a growing list of hip alcoholic foods such as drunkin’ donuts, white Russian milkshakes, and crunkcakes.

K West Hotel & Spa has given your average burger a rock’n’roll makeover. Mozzarella melted over a tender beef patty topped with celery & horseradish mayo, crunchy lettuce and vodka ketchup served in a brioche bun.

The ‘Adults Only’ burger is plated-up with naughty Bloody Mary jelly and chips, sprinkled with celery salt. A cocktail and a burger in one – all for just £12.50.

Head to K West Hotel & Spa from Saturday 13 June 2015 to try the trendiest burger in town; just remember to bring your ID.

‘The inspiration for our latest burger came from the unrelenting thought that if all food tastes better served with alcohol, therefore all food should taste better with alcohol in the recipe,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘So we took a look at our drinks list and after a failed experiment with a Tequila Sunrise Burger we finally nailed the Bloody Mary Burger.’

Vodka ketchup, celery horseradish mayo and Bloody Mary jelly cubes on skewers were obvious choices. Melted mozzarella was added after much debate (as there isn’t cheese in a bloody mary), and celery salt fries were the perfect side.

‘We are delighted with the result and hope this adults only boozy treat is as popular as our previous burger creations. burger/ cocktail mash ups may well be our new theme – how does a Smoked Old Fashioned Burger sound?’

PLUS: For the summer, the rock ‘n’ roll hotel will be home to a ‘festival hub’ with live screenings of all the action, complete with fake grass, deck chairs, fairy lights, flowers, and a fun fancy dress prop box (perfect for selfies) to make festival goers feel at home.


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