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Commemorate those in the Great War by visiting Ypres and Flanders

City of peace: Ypres

The Ypres and Flanders Fields region are filled with fascinating and thought provoking sites in commemoration of those who fought in World War 1.

Intriguing and thought provoking… WW1 memorial sites

“World War 1 changed the face of history and Flanders bore witness to some of the worst atrocities,” says Lea Winkeler, VISITFLANDERS project manager, The Great War Centenary.

“Australian and New Zealand forces fought in some of the most significant and bloodiest battles of the war. Many of those were in the towns and fields surrounding the city of Ypres in what has become known as Flanders Fields. Today we remember and commemorate their incredible contribution and sacrifice.”

Ypres was completely destroyed during the war.

It was rebuilt with the last building work taking part in the late 1960s and with many locals returning to their home following the war years.

The town is a pilgrimage site for war veterans and  since 1928 is home to the daily Last Post ceremony which takes place at the Menin Gate every day at 8pm.

Home to several of the world’s most intriguing memorial site and museums, Ypres is known as a ‘city of peace’.

In the northern half of Belgium is the Flanders Region which is inhabited by the Flemish community or the Dutch speaking inhabitants of Brussels.

Through this influence, Flanders is filled with culturally and historically iconic attractions and architecture as well as delicious, world-renowned food, chocolate and beer.

World-renowned chocolate: Flanders Fields Region

As well as refurbishments to museums and newly-opened visitor centres, the area of Flanders Fields will come to life with a number of newly-created events and exhibitions taking place during 2014-18.

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