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Have you ever been to Dublin?

I remember once, after asking directions to the local pub, I was told: “Do you know the road to Sallins and Naas station?’’

Serene, calm space… China Republic

Me: “Yes.”

Dubliner: “Well don’t use that one, it doesn’t go anywhere near it.”

Asking for directions to China Republic in World Square is a bit like that.

When asking directions five different people had no idea how to get there.

Let me save you some shoe, throat and knuckle leather and tell you straight up. Use the George Street entrance.

My companion and I eventually walk up the restaurant’s stairs. We are greeted by a serene, calm space that is covered in dark soothing timbers.

Well-rounded menu… Seasonal express lunch

Moats surround the tables complete with goldfish and more goldfish projected onto the floors.

I feel as though Sydney’s main drag is a continent away and that we may have been transported back to the Heartland a millennium ago.

Apart from its interior, what is truly surprising about China Republic is its prices.

The quality of the food is about a megaparsec ahead of all places in nearby Chinatown, and with their lunchtime menus you are basically paying street hawker prices for fine dining quality tucker.

The table service is also attentive without being obtrusive. China Republic provides a well-rounded menu that doesn’t mess around.

Steaming spring rolls and dumplings appear. Pork ribs are crunched down with cold Chinese beer.

Extra la jiaow (chilli) is ordered and is rushed straight from the kitchen.

Roll-your-own Peking duck pancakes are placed on the table with a side plate of duck skin strips which we are advised to dip in white sugar.

A chemical reaction takes place when they hit the palate and they dissolve delightfully and unctuously in my mouth.

Chef Mayson Yu makes every dish a winner. But aside from the Peking duck, the highlight for me is the poached chicken, rubbed in delicious szechuan spices and chilli oil.

Ensure you toss the sauce through the chicken before passing it around.

Every dish a winner... Beijing-Style Tofu with Fish Roe
Every dish a winner… Beijing-Style Tofu with Fish Roe

Other signature China Republic dishes include the eggplant and coriander salad, crispy sweet and sour prawns, wok fried oyster mushrooms with fresh chili and garlic, and Chef ’s special sweet and sour pork spareribs.

China Republic has created three hearty menu choices that capture the essence of Asian cuisine and with prices at only $25, $30 or $35.

China Republic’s seasonal express lunch offers a great mid-week option if you’re pressed for time and is available seven days a week between 12pm and 2pm.

China Republic

Shop 1041 World Square Shopping Centre 644 George St, Sydney, NSW Australia – Enter though George Street

+61 (02) 8081 0888

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