Hawai’i Island set to shine for Puna Culinary Festival 2014

Hawai’i Island will once again be transformed into a hive of activity with the return of the Puna Culinary Festival in September.

The eight-day festival, which runs from 21-28 September, brings together local growers and foodies to celebrate the region’s freshest produce and distinctive cuisine.

Hive of activity… Puna Culinary Festival

Guests are invited to take part in cooking classes, workshops, and farms tours which emphasise the importance of sustainability.

On top of it all, they will also get the chance to taste meals prepared by the industry’s best chefs.

“The Puna Culinary Festival stands out amongst food festivals nationwide because of its focus on green and healthy living,” says founder of the Green Divas, Megan McWilliams.

Hosted by non-profit charity organisation Kalani, the festival raises awareness about the need to practice sustainability, highlighting the permaculture practices of the island community.

Funds raised through festival events will go towards Hawaii Island Food Bank.

“The Puna Culinary Festival shines a light on sustainability, farm-to-fork methods, and cutting-edge permaculture practices here,” says Eric Ellenwood, steward of the modern ahupua’a permaculture series in Puna.

Attendees will be treated to a Hawaiian style kālua pork dinner on the first night, before watching an innovative art show centred on the theme of food.

An appetiser contest and public tasting will close the festival for another year.

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