Jenny, Mel B ‘breath of fresh air’ for Dame Edna

Jonathan Porter

Gigastar performer and Jenny Craig ambassador Dame Edna kicked off her Eat, Pray, Laugh tour in the basement of the Civic Hotel on Sydney’s Goulburn Street recently.

Dame Edna says she enjoys her home-delivered Jenny Craig meals.

“I like to greet my guests with a hint of Jenny on my breath,’’ Dame Edna told her hysterical fans.

“It’s been an amazing adventure for me. I say adventure; I hate that hackneyed term journey. Don’t you get sick of that.’’
Fellow Jenny Craig fan Mel B was also there with husband Stephen Belafonte.

Mel sprang on to the stage and told the audience she had shed 15 kilos on Jenny’s diet.

“And what you have retained, you have retained in the right places,’’ Dame Edna said.

“Thanks for interrupting dear,’’ she said to Mel’s back as the former Spice Girl left the stage. Later Mr Belafonte enthused to Lunch Magazine about his wife’s new figure. “She is sexier than ever,’’ he said.

Later Lunch was expounding the Jonno diet to anyone who would listen: “One meal a day and all the beer you can drink,’’ I quipped.
Questions followed: What did the meal consist of? What time was it eaten? How much is a skinful?

The national treasure and her adoring manager, Barry Humphries get serious about their health and pledge to shed 15 kilos each with Jenny Craig. With the megastar and her manager about to embark on their farewell tour, Dame Edna says the dramatic change is necessary in the interests of their health and, as role models, the health of their public.

“Possums, Barry and I both appreciate the influence we have over our adoring public. Just like the Beckhams, people follow and copy our every move. And lately, well let’s be brutally honest, we’ve let ourselves go and haven’t been good role models. I have a wardrobe full of breathtaking gowns but I have to hold my breath to wear them …only three gowns fit me these days. When I’m on stage, I have to suck in my tummy because I fear my dress will burst at the seams. Just like my dear friend Mel B, I too can’t wait to get my pre-baby body back! While that was many years ago, the outcome will be the same with Jenny’s help!

“I’ve always had a nice little double chin but recently it’s turned into a quadruple chin. I want to live a long time and I am ready for Jenny,” said Edna.

Barry Humphries also worries about Edna’s weight. “We were in London recently and Edna’s looks were savaged by one critic in particular who described her as rather ‘tubby’. Well, that was a wakeup call for both of us, especially with our so-called “farewell” tour, ‘Eat, Pray, Laugh’, about to start in June. Consequently, we both take a mild blood pressure tablet and by losing 15 kilos, not only will we look fighting fit, our health will bounce back.”

“We want all of Australia to rally behind us on Jenny’s ‘Edna Forever’ campaign.  The message is simple; ‘get healthy, live longer’. Edna is a legend; she deserves to live forever.  We may be approaching our early twilight years or as I like to call them, our ‘after lunch years’, but Edna has some sage advice to impart regardless of your age,” said Mr Humphries.

Barry also admits he has his own problems with food and will be supporting Edna and encouraging all men to think about their health.

“I have a problem with food and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Don’t forget if you’re fat, you’re sick. There’s no shame in a man getting help.  It’s a shame if you don’t!“

Amy Smith, MD of Jenny Craig Australia and New Zealand is excited about the company’s new ambassadors.

“Dame Edna is an absolute legend in Australia and her manager, Barry Humphries, is equally loved. Their inspiring story to lose weight and regain their health will resonate with people of all ages. You are never too old to fight for your health; it’s there for the taking.” said Ms Smith.

“The Jenny program is the perfect first step. It’s important to understand the programme is not a diet. Each person is provided with a support system second-to-none, regardless of whether they are megastar or not. After an in-depth meeting with your own Jenny consultant where your medical history is discussed, a tailored eating plan and exercise recommendations are given. Each week of your journey you will check in with your consultant to discuss your progress. This is the difference and it’s a system that’s proven to work,” she said.

The last word is for Dame Edna: “I’m approaching middle age from the wrong direction.”

Think about it.

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