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Kennedy-esque grandeur at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

Badrutt's Palace Hotel

The guests dining at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St Moritz, nestled in amongst Switzerland’s Engadine Valley, aren’t the only noteworthy subjects in the room. The walls of Le Restaurant’s 100-year old dining room are adorned with an historic and valuable wallpaper known as ‘Eldorado’.

Eldorado is made by world famous wallpaper factory Zuber et Cie – which rose to fame thanks to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who decorated the reception room in the White House with the scenic mural ‘Vue de l’Amérique Nord’ and has since been gracing the homes of celebrities and politicians the world over.

At Le Restaurant, Eldorado has graced the walls of the prestigious dining room since 1913 and features a world utopia with four continents: South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. These are represented by the city of Vera Cruz, a Southern Alpine lake, the Bosporus strait, and the Pyramids and Sphinx, respectively.

Highly valuable… ‘Eldorado’ wallpaper

But to catch a glimpse of Eldorado’s creative landscapes and floral artistry, you’ll need to suit up. Dining at Le Restaurant is a very formal affair and the dress code demands a jacket and tie.

Le Restaurant serves a daily menu of French haute cuisine in a classical, candlelit setting with a live music ensemble and is also open for breakfast, where a harpist accompanies the expansive buffet.

History buffs will be keen to know that Zuber et Cie is the last remaining international factory to print wallpaper using woodblocks. The French manufacturer has an archive of 100,000 carved woodblocks from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Zuber et Cie wallpaper is considered the most expensive in the world (a scenic mural known as ‘Les guerres d’indépendence’ is 15m wide and valued at USD $40,500) and the antique woodblocks used to create it are classified as French national treasures.

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