Marie’s Crisis brings Broadway to Sydney

If you’ve been to New York’s West Village, there’s a good chance you know about Marie’s Crisis, and if you haven’t, well, there’s still a good chance you’ve heard of it. Marie’s Crisis is a New York institution; an underground piano bar where musical theatre performers and ordinary folk belt out show tunes. And this year, it’s being transplanted to Sydney as part of Spectrum Now, the city’s newest festival celebrating the arts.

Taking inspiration from the famed piano bar, QT Sydney will recreate Marie’s Crisis at its café, Parlour Lane Roasters, from 19 to 28 March. The original NYC hosts will also appear at the pop up bar, bringing Broadway with them from 6pm onwards.

The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now is a month-long festival in partnership with ANZ, featuring events and exhibitions which showcase the rich diversity of Sydney’s arts scene, and bringing together the best of contemporary art, design, music, film, literature and theatre.

More information on Marie’s Crisis at QT

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Event details

What: Marie’s Crisis Festival Bar

When: Thursday 19th March – Saturday 28th March

Where: Parlour Lane Roasters, QT Sydney, 49 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Cost: Free

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