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More Bahn for your Deutsche

Travellers to Germany can now see even more of the country and other popular destinations in the region with the new German Rail Pass Extension, an additional ticket that enables you to travel freely on Deutsche Bahn’s (DB) expansive network of rail and bus network.

This latest addition to the German Rail Pass grants travellers with unlimited travel throughout the country as well as to some selected hot spots beyond its borders including Brussels (on ICE International trains); Prague (on the DB Expressbus from Munich and Nuremberg); Austria (between Kufstein and Innsbruck on DB-ÖBB Eurocity Trains); and Italy (between Bolzzano / Bozen, Verona, Bologna and Venice on DB-ÖBB Eurocity trains).

Rail Europe’s Manager Australasia, Richard Leonard, says with Germany already a popular destination among many Australian travellers, the new Pass Extension will only enhance their travelling experiences further.

“With connections between cities made that much easier, the Pass Extension will not only encourage travellers to explore beyond the traditionally popular cities of Germany, but also onto the other surrounding countries,” says Leonard.

The German Rail Pass Extension can be purchased in conjunction with a regular German Rail Pass and entitles the holder to a specified number of travel days – from three days up to 10 days within a month from the day of purchase. Prices for the Pass start from 183€, while the Extension starts from 39€ in 2nd class and 69€ in 1st class. The pass also includes bonuses and discounts which can be used for tours and boat trips.

Deutsche Bahn operates modern and comfortable trains across 34,000 km of rail network and the German Rail Pass provides travellers with the ability and flexibility to explore the country via its expansive network.


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