Engage your audience

Let's not pretend a banner or a medium rectangle advertisement is going to engage an audience or your clients.

We all know the click-through rates on online advertising are risible (at best) so we've decided to help marketers out by saying our final goodbye to the ye-olde dead tree world of marketing ideas.

Firstly, Lunch Magazine will provide you with access to an active, engaged audience of affluent consumers around the world. Secondly, we're creating editorial environments which will engage readers with relevant and compelling stories. And finally, we provide marketers with professional content creation to help tell authentic, informed stories to their audiences.

Importantly, we're upfront about it. We inform our readers that some of our content is supported commercially. It doesn't affect our independence and it ensures you (as an advertiser) have access to an engaged audience who are providing you with actionable data.

We are here to assist organisations get their message across to some of the world’s most sought after consumers in a targeted editorial environment. Our followers are not just frequent travellers but also business, political and academic leaders from across the world.

If you want to engage the minds of the world's key influencers and decision-makers in an exclusive online magazine environment, contact

Remember ... the best ideas are exchanged at Lunch.

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