Essen reinvents the hot dog

Authentic European-style hot dogs

Maddison Colgate

Recently, I attended  the third “Man versus Food” promotion, the Reservoir Hot Dogs Challenge at the Essen Restaurant and Beer Café in Ultimo, Sydney.

Four brave heroes (or madmen, depending on your point of view) each undertook to eat 1.8 kilograms of European-style hot dogs: 13 hot dogs and buns in thirty minutes.

While we clapped and cheered and egged on the competitors, we enjoyed our own endless supply of authentic hot dogs with warm doughy buns and a choice of gherkins, ketchup, hot mustard, chilli and pickled carrot and cauliflower.

I was lucky enough to sit next to the hot dog manufacturer himself from the German Butchery, Tino and his beautiful wife and daughter who wore traditional, red and white dirndl dresses.

As my taste buds tingled, Tino proudly discussed the five different types of hot dog on offer: weisswurst, kransky, cheese kransky, chorizo and bratwurst. No conventional frankfurters here!

Twenty minutes into the challenge it becomes clear that the winner will not be the one who finishes first but the one who can eat the most.

The buzzer goes off and the best performer has managed only nine out of a possible thirteen hot dogs. Although no one met the challenge, it was an incredible sight to see. Reservoir Hot Dogs  is the third Essen Restaurant’s “Man versus Food” promotion, following on from “Jurassic Pork” and “Schnitzilla”.

With the authentic taste of Europe in our mouths while we sipped on frothy pilsners and lagers, we all had a fantastic evening. In my eyes the Reservoir Hot Dogs Challenge reinvented the ‘hot dog’.

Essen Restaurant:

133-135 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007
(02) 9211 3805

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