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See, shop and save with Rail Europe

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Rail Europe is offering a variety of discounts and freebies on city attractions and activities with the release of the latest edition of its ever expanding coupon book, which is available to travellers booking their rail tickets on

Explore Europe’s far horizons … Rail Europe

In collaboration with selected partners in Europe’s largest cities, the concept was conceived with the aim to provide travellers with even more added value while they travel through the continent.

The coupon book is offered to every traveller purchasing a Rail Europe ticket to participating cities.

Initially launched for Eurostar’s key destinations of London and Paris, more and more cities are recognising the value that these coupons provide travellers as well as the interest the coupons receive from travellers.

The lake of love … Rail Europe

Currently, the coupon book provides vouchers for attractions across London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Prague. Very soon, attraction in Zürich and Brussels will also be featured.

The coupon book offers a range of discounts of up to 40 per cent  and free gifts for shopping and fashion; landmarks and attractions; as well as city tours and sightseeing.

Travellers can download the coupon book on after a purchase. The coupons are valid until 31 December 2013.

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