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The beauty in a secret

Rainforest retreat ... Supanniga House
Rainforest retreat … Supanniga House

“The charm of what we offer in terms of hospitality lies in the tiniest details” says Secret Retreats’ Managing Director Stéphane Junca, who aims to provide discerning travellers with truly exceptional, authentic experiences.

Thanks to Stéphane Junca’s unrelenting passion and talent for finding unique hideaways throughout Asia, to date 37 properties have joined Secret Retreats.

These new boutique residences, hotels and boats are quite often far away from the main tourist sites—hidden gems that truly symbolise the essence of Asian culture and hospitality.

While the average property size ranges between 15-20 rooms, others are intimate two to five bedroom boutique resorts.

“At Secret Retreats, guests are not treated like clients but as part of an extended family, places where people will know you by name.

We want to bring upmarket leisure travel to a completely new level.

Sleep on a UNESCO World Heritage site ... Rakkojae Hahoe
UNESCO World Heritage site … Rak Ko Jae, Hahoe

We believe it is essential to spend quality time with our guests, and share memorable moments and stories with them.

The hosts at our properties are constantly present and visible, not seated in their office crunching figures!” – Stéphane Junca

“25% of our properties have less than five rooms.

These gems are able to provide our guests with a very personalised experience, connect them with local communities living around the property and offer a spontaneous sense of hospitality that is much harder to find in large hotel chains.”

Committed to adding an even wider variety of choices for travellers in search of true Asian hospitality, Stéphane Junca’s spends a significant part of his time travelling to Sumatra, Borneo, China, Bhutan, or Sri Lanka searching for new retreats to complete the collection.

... Kalinaw Resort
Sweeping views … Kalinaw Resort

Kalinaw Resort, Siargao Island – Philippines 

Siargao is known as the ‘Jewel of the Philippines’. Facing the beach, each villa has sweeping views of the lagoon and nearby uninhabited islands.

Anopura, Rajasthan – India 
Comprising just two suites, this is the smallest luxury lodge in the world. Its traditional Indian daybeds invite you to lie back and enjoy the views of the surrounding Aravali Hills.

Float away ... Sukoon Houseboat
Float away … Sukoon Houseboat

Sukoon Houseboat, Kashmir – India 

Meaning ‘Divine peace’ in Kashmiri, this houseboat moored on Dal Lake, has five spacious cabins that invite you to discover the natural wonders of Zabarwan Mountain in the Himalayas.
Supanniga Home, Isan – Thailand 
Providing an initiation to local traditions and customs, imagine sitting in a large garden under a Banyan tree, sipping a cup of Pu-erh tea, and listening to the gentle ringing of chime bells and birdsong.
Get glamping ... Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp
Get glamping … Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp

Jeeva Beloam, South Lombok – Indonesia 

Nestled amid a secluded cove, this beach camp is surrounded by pristine sandy beaches and 55 hectares of unspoiled nature. Overlooking the sea, each beruga evokes a serene ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience.
Rak Ko Jae, Hahoe village – South Korea 
Encircled by mountains, skirted by a meandering river, and a place for inspiration and meditation, RakKoJae is a sanctuary of peace and serenity located in a UNESCO World Heritage site.
... Silolona
Sail the open seas … Silolona Sojourns

Si Datu Bua, Banda Sea and Sulawesi – Indonesia

This exquisite sailing vessel pays homage to the traditional Indonesian Phinisi of yesteryear that once carried cinnamon, cloves and ironwood around the archipelago.
3+1 Bedrooms, Beijing – China 
Hidden in one of Beijing’s traditional Hutongs, this intimate property features white minimalist interiors, a peaceful inner courtyard and a terrace.

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