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Brunch at Friends of Mine

Nothing raises my spirits more after the hectic highs and exhaustion induced lows of the working week than a rambunctious brunch session with friends of mine, in Melbourne’s inner city suburbs.

Awakened with a weekend vigour I set out on a short stroll through the narrow streets of Richmond. Armed with a whole host of stories to divulge to my nearest and dearest, there’s only one destination that could aptly fit the bill for today – Swan Street’s darling café Friends of Mine.

Sweet yellow awnings adorn the windows and doors and an assortment of odd tables and chairs are scattered just outside for those that are keen to bask in the first few rays of springtime sun.

As is the case with most of Melbourne’s trendiest spots, a queue is to be expected. But like good friends that do their best to please, don’t expect to wait anymore than a reasonable 10 to 15 minutes. The notion of lingering outside becomes all the more acceptable with the ability to abate your coffee cravings with service from a dedicated window straight onto the street.

The décor is spot on and achieves an ambience that reflects the relaxed chic of its menus; exposed bricks and industrial lights are offset by wholegrain toast topped with a mountain of smashed avocado, thyme infused mushrooms, crumbled feta.

The real crowd pleaser – hailed the hangover cure – comes in the form of devilishly cheesy toast, crispy bacon, flavoursome poached eggs and a generous serve of avocado goodness. It certainly doesn’t disappoint the tastebuds but it does give you the niggling feeling that your afternoon will be spent going for an all-important one hour run to burn off those excessive calories.

The tastes and textures, the service and quality are what I’ve come to expect of any top-notch establishment in the city that’s come to epitomise café culture. It no surprise then, that Friends of Mine has quickly sneaked up the ranks and is now likely to be part of my regular weekend repertoire!

Friends of Mine

506 Swan Street

Richmond VIC 3121

Ph: 03) 9428 7516

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