Hong Kong

The Red Taxi Collective

In their first exhibition, The Red Taxi Collective presents a selection of recent photographic works by Katie Vajda and Peter Augustus.
Both artists share a background within the media industry which comes through in their technique, expressed by a conceptual journey into their rich and multifaceted observations.
... Katie Vadja
The White Rabbit … Katie Vajda

While a contemporary playfulness to the work is apparent, a dark sense of humor shines through that is confronting yet engaging.

Katie Vajda presents ‘Into Wonderland’exploring Hong Kong and the theatre of its nightlife as an adult wonderland.

The White Rabbit is the lead in this photographic narrative as we follow him on a dark and wild ride Into Wonderland and witness the ultimate seduction of Alice.

Katie toys with themes of fantasy and reality and injects a heightened sense of drama into her work, reminiscent of the fantastical world of Alice In Wonderland.

Peter Augustus, showcases two series, including ‘Mystery Meat’, a commentary on the meat shops of Hong Kong from a Westerner’s perspective.

This is a personal therapeutic journey of acceptance – of being exposed to something in its natural, raw form rather than in the perfectly prepared, pre-packaged offerings in his home country.

... Peter
Mystery Meat … Peter Augustus

Also on show is Peter’s series confronting the seemingly obsessive stance that religious institutions have regarding sex.

In ‘Sexualizing Spirituality, Peter, who grew up as a Southern Baptist, challenges the viewer by showcasing religious items in a provocative way, mixing two seemingly distant ideals that have become intertwined in the church’s disproportionate focus on one dogma.

Peter and Katie first met at Hong Kong Art School.

Sharing a passion for photography and all things conceptual, they formed The Red Taxi Collective as a platform for independent exhibitions and events with like-minded artists.

The exhibition will run on Saturday, 14 December, 2013 from 10am to 10pm at the Little Square Gallery – 21 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

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