Three’s the key

The Ternary is exactly what its name suggests – a group of three – and it’s the latest offering in Sydney’s restaurant scene. Imagine a small solar system of kitchens, clustered conveniently together so you can transition seamlessly from one menu to another – and it’s precisely what The Ternary is all about.

The restaurant features three distinct dining offerings with open theatre-style kitchens: the Grill Kitchen, the Asian Kitchen and the Wine Bar. Diners sit up close to the action and experience with full force the energy of the kitchen and its chefs. While the concept is not entirely new, the spectacle is so deliciously palpable it makes a nice change from the usual arrangement.

Flurry of activity: Ternary's kitchens
Flurry of activity: Ternary’s kitchens

Executive chef Anthony Flowers says the Sydney dining scene has been “dominated by the pre-determined set menu” in recent years and sees an appetite for restaurants that “reinstate the theatre of food preparation”.

With 22 years of experience under his belt, he’s created a menu that highlights fresh local produce and textural experiences. You can mix and match dishes from across the three menus and share among a group, making it an attractive option for the post-work crowd and families.

Atlantic salmon from the tandoor is a highlight of the menu, and for dessert, you can’t go past the mango crème brûlée with champagne sorbet. There is no shortage of wine either, with 100 different varieties to keep glasses – and spirits – full.

The Ternary Restaurant

Novotel Sydney On Darling Harbour

100 Murray Street

Pyrmont NSW 2009

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