Travel tips: Cuba

More travellers are now looking to visit Cuba since relations between the communist country and America began to normalise in late 2014.

Contours Travel, an Australian tour operator for Central and Latin America, has reported a spike in the number of agents and travellers expressing interest in visiting Cuba, citing a rise of more than 50 per cent when compared to the same time last year.

In light of Cuba’s rising popularity as a travel destination, Contours Travel is offering tips and advice on how to skirt around the usual tourist traps and get the best out of your trip.

What to eat:

Forget whatever you thought you knew about Cuban food. While it’s true Cuba’s gastronomic offerings have been affected by the embargo, there is still much to enjoy, like local seafood (fresh lobsters for only $10) and traditional dishes including roast pork and fried plantain.

Bright and budget-friendly: Cuban hostel
Bright and budget-friendly: Cuban hostel

Where to stay:

Accommodation options are plenty with hotels, apartments and villas as well as hostels for those on a budget. For more intimate contact with the local culture, though, homestays are a great option. Learn more about the people of Cuba and their traditions. Travellers should look for the official house rental license logo that identifies the house as meeting industry standards.

What to do: 

Cuba is an island country surrounded by extraordinary marine life, making it ideal for diving. Isla de la Juventud – or the Isle of Youth – has a number of diving spots for those wanting to avoid hordes of tourists. For the more experienced, there are a number of caves throughout the island to explore.

How to pay: 

Change currencies at the official exchange houses (CADECAs) or banks. Also note that there are two types of currency, with one specifically for locals and the other for tourists (the Cuban Convertible Peso – CUC).

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