Tried and trusted

Jess Singh

Don’t get me wrong, Melbourne is one of those cities where no matter which way you turn, a little bar or chic establishment is bound to crop up. But the problem we’re facing tonight is that like all popular places in Melbourne, the combination of limited floor space and armies of patrons is equating to a mighty long wait between drinks.

There’s one sure fire solution to our little dilemma and it comes in the form of Australia’s longest bar. Spanning 42 metres in length, Trust Bar on Melbourne’s Flinders Lane has beckoned and what a wise move that was.

Walking into this extraordinary building with its high ceilings and Baroque interiors you’re immediately drawn to the marble bar, which does not disappoint. There are plenty of points of service so it’s simply a matter of take your pick.

I’ve settled on my choice of poison within seconds and it’s taken just as long to be served the pink mojito – a concoction of tequila, cranberry and the usual suspects that make up this much loved cocktail.

The extensive wine list doesn’t disappoint and the male contingent is particularly impressed with the imported beer selection, giving them a choice including Asahi, Peroni, Hoegaarden or even your stock standard Carlton Draught on tap.

The bar is clearly brimming with the after work crowd and I’m surprised to learn that most of them are aware of the history of this place – it was the old Port Authority building during the early 1930s I’m told.

“We come here quite regularly and I’ve always known it’s the old Port Authority. It’s an opulent establishment. The pillars, dark wood and marble all add to the atmosphere of a bar with an obvious past,” says the suit on my left.

Add comfortable plush leather sofas to the mix and you’ve got yourself a top notch bar as far as my group is concerned tonight. So much so, that we’ve relaxed enough to be tempted by the European bar menu. The very Italian choices include calamari fritti, classic bruschetta and the most generous antipasto for two I’ve seen in quite some time.

Trust bar proved its worth tonight as a spacious, classy joint with the perfect mix of drinks, food and lavishness. A perfect escape from the discomfort of queues and excessive crowds…at least for now.

The Trust Bar

405-411 Flinders Lane

Melbourne VIC 3000

Ph: 03) 9629 9300

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