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Sea Villa

Jaunting around Pangkor Laut

"Your speedboat will be arriving shortly to take you to your over the water bungalow,'' is a sentence I don't hear nearly enough I decide. It's much more preferable than say: "Brace, brace, brace.'' Followed by "Your life-jacket is under your …

Marque Diners

Just wide of the marque

Australian cuisine is very close to disappearing up its own fundament. Our fascination with food and foodie culture has cannoned out of control. The nation’s favorite TV shows …


Best of the bush

Ayers Rock Resort have created a Bush Tucker Trail designed to highlight the unique flavours of Indigenous cuisine, allowing guests to sample signature dishes across all the …


Hippos prey on the hip

Mark Eggleton is mighty glad lions can't use can openers


Top water adventures in the world

Water parks aren’t just for the thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies who walk among us. They appeal to the inner child within all of us and besides, there’s something …


What's on in February

South Africa comes alive this month with plenty to see and do – from LGBTI celebrations to live music, it’s all about the festival vibe this February. Cape Town Pride: 20 …


What's on: Tobago Jazz Experience

American singer Jennifer Hudson will headline the seventh annual Tobago Jazz Experience along with R&B group Kool & the Gang and Grammy award winner Jill Scott. The nine-day festival will be held from April 18 to 26 and will feature some …


Best places to stay in Barbados

Sandy Lane There’s nothing subtle about Sandy Lane. From its white exteriors to its marble interiors, the entire structure exudes luxury. It’s perhaps why celebrities are …


Free stay? Yes, please

Fancy a free holiday? Adventure cruising specialists Aurora Expeditions are offering a complimentary three-night stay in South America when you book one of two Antarctic …


A European tasting plate

Mark Eggleton It’s almost midnight and I’m staring at a mostly dark Mediterranean. The lights of Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam shimmer silvery-white on the dark water as we glide almost silently towards Naples. You can hear the wash of the …

Swiss Mountains

Switzerland's always ready for its close-up

It’s 8am in Weggis on Lake Lucerne and our guide Roland stands at the bus stop across from the Post Weggis hotel waiting for the 8.04am bus. Around 45 seconds past 8.04am the …


Inside Moët’s sparkling home

The glass stem feels fragile between my fingers, and for a moment I am afraid that the full bodied champagne flute I am holding will topple out of my hands, sending Rosé …