Big Apple’s hot hotels

Jonathan Porter

The last time I was in New York City I stayed at the Sofitel on West 44th Steer, right near Times Square.

On this particular occasion I had been carousing somewhat heartily with an old friend, a US Cavalry officer fresh from Iraq, at a local Irish bar. Although the sun is starting to rise and I have my GPS fired up, I find myself wandering in ever increasing circles. I finally give up and hail a passing cab, one of the many new-fangled incredibly clean and shiny velocipedes that prowl the streets of the city that never sleeps nowadays.

I climb into the front seat and say to the hack, “Sofitel Hotel, 45 West 44th Street thanks mate.” His pate furrows and he repeats the instructions doubtfully. I say them back to him, and added an admonition to not muck me about mate, I’m tired. It’s just off Times Square.

He puts his foot down, and guns the vehicle all of 12 feet to the front door. “That’ll be four bucks.” I hand him a five and get out without a word.

The Sofitel is incredibly handy, and easy to find if you happen to not have the direction sense of an ex-boxer after a head swap operation with a German shepherd.

It’s famous for other reasons now of course, but I manage to keep my hands off the help – it’s something I’m pretty careful about actually, even before our old friend DSK came a cropper.

The Sofitel on West 44th Street is a perfect mixture of comfort and convenience. The, 30-story hotel in midtown Manhattan is a contemporary statement in limestone and glass, just a stone’s throw from Fifth Avenue.

It’s got a great bar where you can relax with a cocktail and a convenient side exit for those times when you have to make a quick unobtrusive escape and Gaby, the Art Deco restaurant, serves with French flair in a glamorous setting.

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